Our Story


Distinct Concept is a luxury Apple watch bands brand proudly born in the heart of Paris, driven by a small and passionate team with extensive backgrounds in the fashion industry and an unwavering devotion to both design and Apple products.

Our brand is a seamless fusion of elegance and innovation, resulting in watch bands that exude sophistication while seamlessly complementing the Apple Watch's sleek aesthetic.


The idea for Distinct Concept sprouted from a gap we observed in the market – a limited supply of high-end watch straps. Many leather straps were either prohibitively expensive when sold by Apple or made from inferior materials by other manufacturers. We envisioned a brand that bridged this divide, offering premium watch bands with a distinctive style suitable for casual wear, business meetings, and leisurely holidays alike. Distinct Concept became our mission to redefine luxury watch bands and create a versatile accessory for the discerning individual.



At Distinct Concept, quality is the cornerstone of our craftsmanship. Our leathers are meticulously sourced from prestigious tanneries in France, Italy, and the USA, ensuring the finest materials for our watch bands.

The assembly and stitching of each band are entrusted to highly skilled artisans in Asia, whose expertise brings to life the vision of our designers. The dedication to handcrafting every piece ensures that each Distinct Concept watch band is a work of art, exuding unparalleled quality and elegance, worthy of adorning your prized Apple Watch.



We believe that every leather selected for our watch bands possesses its own unique characteristics and charm.


With an artistic eye for detail, we carefully combine the hues, stitching patterns, and other intricate elements, ensuring that each watch band is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

We take immense pride in creating accessories that not only elevate your Apple Watch but also reflect your individuality.

With a Distinct Concept watch band adorning your wrist, you can be certain of wearing a truly distinctive piece that captures attention and garners compliments wherever you go.

Davy, founder.