Think of Distinct Concept as Couture... and our photography as the fabric. With every photo, we use the newest and most innovative techniques, setting us apart from all the others. Our vision is to tell the story of your wedding day through our lens in a style that is uniquely yours. We are not merely picture takers. As photojournalist, we are artist with a style that is modern and innovative. We understand that this is a once in a lifetime event and pride ourselves in capturing the very best moments of your special day; Moments that may range from anxious and humorous to sentimental and loving. Through our photographs we don’t just capture an image, but all the joys, the thrills and the excitement that you’ve envisioned this day to be. After all, you are unique and your photographs should showcase the true you. We take great pride in our work and set our expectations high to ensure that you receive the best possible photographic keepsakes to treasure for a lifetime.

At Distinct Concept we pride ourselves on personalizing our designs for you and your special occasion. Our aim is to capture your one of a kind love story by giving you the power to decide, with our help, what you want every step of the way. We give you the option of working with us based on your satisfaction with our personalized photos and not only with samples of our past work! For this reason, we are offering a FREE engagement photo shoot (with any of our packages) so you can decide if our quality of work is what you had in mind for your special event! Based on the outcome of the engagement shoot, you can then choose to continue working with us so that together we can document the exact moment you tie the knot!

  1. Are all my photos going to have texture on them ? No, We give you variety of options in your final edits. Color, Black&White and Textured.
  2. How about traditional shots? Family formal shots is part of our process
  3. Why Photojournalism ? Photographs are the only thing that's going to last, and we want to be able to tell your wedding story in the best way possible.
  4. Why Distinct Concept ? It's not just about taking pictures, it's about the experience you have when you work with us. Quality over quantity, when you work with us we make sure you get the best quality work possible no matter the situation and budget.

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Designed and Developed by ROOZBEHMEGHDADI